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Stimulate their imagination


This is an Arduino robot. Pupils make their own robots using the motors,sensors and wheels provided. They use Scratch for Arduino to program the robots and to make them function. The robots can be pre- programmed to carry out a routine or can be operated wirelessly using the Raspberry Pi.

Pupils are able to take advantage of a wide range of sensors and outputs.

Introducing the new computing curriculum

ScratchMyPi has been set up to deliver the new Computing curriculum to primary schools. Our aim is to teach pupils to program. Sounds boring? Lots of lines of code, worrying about errors? That’s where we come in. We use interactive building blocks to build programs so you don’t have to worry about complex codes.

But that’s only the start. The fun is making it all interactive. We can link these programs to microcontrollers and mini computers. Basically you can connect sensors, motors and lights to these and then get your program to interact and control them.

So you can make a Pacman game with real joysticks, linked to lights and motors. Or link a game to a temperature control so the character responds to the temperature. You can make a robot that films where it goes, responds to objects and logs data.

The only limit is your imagination.