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Neopixel thermometer

I love neopixels. They’re just so bright and rapid. So I linked a 24 Neopixel ring to my thermometer. The difficult bit was the maths to convert the thermometer read out to tenths and integers.

The ring shows 4 things.

1) A read out of the integers. 0 – 17 are blue, 18 +19 are green, above 19 is red. So you can easily see the whole number temperature. I put in green so you can read it easily.

2) The decimals. There is a green marker to show 1. So 5 yellows means 0.5

3) If it’s too warm or too cold, it flashes blue or red.

4) It then checks to see if the temperature has changed within the last 10 seconds. If it’s gone up or down by more than 0.1C, it tells you. If no change, it shows white.

It’s a bit of fun. But I love staring at it. The next step is a clock.