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Robot arm controlled with an old computer keyboard

They’re hard to find nowadays. Except if you go to a skip. Or a school.  I had an old keyboard lying around so followed a tutorial to get it to work with an Arduino. It’s got 4 cables – Power, Ground, Data and IRQ. You can get adapters or just take the cables apart.

You need this library - it’s pskeyboard.h

I then got my robot arm – available online for about  £35owi-535-robotic-arm-edge_1

I just took the wires for the motors rather than using the control box.

Then I used the Adafruit MotorShield V2.3


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Using Arduino radio transmitters to play a guess a word game

So I recently bought a 433 mHz transmitter and receiver. Very cheap and easy to wire up. But the code is different – and I didn’t use the code provided. The best link I got was this using the Virtual Wire libray. It’s easy to follow – the trick is to get your head around what’s happening with the code.

It works though. I have been able to send single letters and words through to the paired Arduino and have that respond to the input received.

So I devised this game. The aim is for player 1 to type a 4 letter word in. The other player uses the other Arduino to guess. The LEDs light up and tell you which letters you got correct. It could be adapted for numbers or for shorter / longer words. But that’s more LEDS !!

This is the video.


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