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Code music

Code your own music

A great way of learning how to link programming and music. You’ll learn to write text based programs to make your own tunes. Change the synthesisers, the length of the notes, the speed of the tune and let your imagination go.

It’s a fun way of linking the 2 subjects.


Robot wars

Robot wars

Another of our most popular workshops. This is a very simple workshop. We have a number of custom built robots which are controlled via remote control. They have servo motors which means you can attach arms to them that can go up and down.

The children then add wooden armour, wooden weapons and pins on the weapons. We then put balloons on the robots and they take turns to fight them. It’s very noisy and great fun.

Click here for Leeds

Click here for York


remote control

Program a remote control robot

Imagine having a remote control that can turn lights on, sound buzzers and turn on motors – and all because of your programming.

You’ll learn how a remote control works and how to ‘read’ the signals. Once you’ve learnt that, you’ll be able to program as many functions as you want from the remote control. We have robots that have been prepared with LEDs, buzzers, servos and motors. All you have to do is write the program.

Click here for Leeds

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Switches,switches, switches

Another new one for 2017,  Most children will have experienced a switch as simply working when 2 pieces of metal touch together. This workshop introduces a whole new world of switches so their imagination can go wild.

We have:

  • Fire button style switches
  • Magnet operated switches
  • Tilt switches
  • Motion sensitive switches
  • Multi switches
  • Toggle switches
  • Key operated switches

Children can learn how to make a program react to the position of 1 or 2 switches using Scratch based programming. It could make a buzzer go, a light activate or make a character react on screen.

A tilt switch

A tilt switch

A toggle based fire switch

A toggle based fire switch


ScratchMyPi expands to Harrogate

Following the success of the York club, I have decided to start another club in Harrogate. Hopefully it will be as successful as the York club.

Filling up nicely – advertised it on Mumbler and that seems to have worked. Only 6 places left!! We’ll be doing the same things as in York so it should be good.  We’ll also be doing holiday workshops as well.


Easter 2014 workshops

They sold out in a few weeks and we all had a great time.  Some really good programmers came on the courses talking about variables and how they use the Pi at home.

The robots were great fun. It was fantastic to see 14 robots moving across the classroom and going out into the library. Luckily Acomb library seem quite tolerant about the noise.

Musical Pi was a new one to me. I was amazed at the quality of the music produced – we had Greensleeves, Frere Jaques, Jaws and even Mission Impossible.

A big mention to year 6 at Scarcroft Primary. We had 6 of them learning how to write proper code to program LEDs. We had a range of variables being used and also IF / ELSE commands being used.

So all in all, a rather fantastic Easter.

BETT 2014 and the Pi club

Well it’s been an interesting few weeks. The Pi club has sparked a lot of interest with children and we are now almost half full.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the children can learn and how they make use of their skills.

The BETT show

Been to BETT today in London. There were several interesting exhibitors there working with the Raspberry Pi. There was a good talk by the education lead at Raspberry Pi emphasising that it is not just teaching programming but the skills behind it such as logical thinking and also the creative output. That’s so true. It’s like writing – there’s a skill to learn how to write but it’s the content that’s important.

Been doing several workshops – thanks to Dunnington Primary and Heworth primary for being my test schools. It really helped me to see how things worked in the classroom and it was exciting to see the skills the children developed in only a single workshop.

So lots of ideas from BETT. Some great robots on display and also some really good programs to make interaction with the real world through programs that much easier.