Robot coding using text based coding in a primary school

Great trip to Brampton primary school. We used Arduino text based coding to control robots. Text coding is harder as it needs words to be spelt correctly and all grammar and punctuation in the right place.

Once the code is uploaded,  the robot can simply be controlled with a battery.  The children performed a range of manouevres including squares.

Using Arduino and Excel to collect data

Ever wanted to collect data from your Arduino and analyse it?

You can download an add on for Excel here . It’s from Parallax and allows you to send data via a Com Port and it will be collected.

So I’ve done this with my fish tank (a constant 23 celsius today give or take) and a light sensor. It gets darker as the sun goes down :)

So many ideas. You can link several sensors to it so all you need to do is think of the data you want to collect.